I’m a 30-something, Catholic, cat-loving avid reader. I do love real, physical books, but I’ve also fallen for the convenience of the Kindle. Right now I would say a majority of the books I read are on the Kindle.

Genres: I love epic fantasy, historical fiction (particularly medieval), some romance genres (Regency and medieval, mostly), mystery (cozies, procedurals, and historical), and books about saints. Kind of a mish-mash, no?

Authors: Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, Murakami, Sharon Kay Penman, Robin Hobb, &c. &c.

Why tea, t0ast, and books? Because they are all happy-making, especially when enjoyed together. A comfy chair helps, too. Cats, sometimes, when they haven’t elected to chew on whatever you’re reading.

I decided to start this blog to have a place to keep my book reviews besides Goodreads. While I love Goodreads, I wanted a bit more functionality and perhaps, someday, a wider audience. For now, it’s mostly for my own amusement and memory.


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