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Shattered Dreams

by Laura Landon

Rating: * *

Smuttiness Level: Moderate


In Brief: False pretenses, cliches and failure to communicate! Er, I mean, Brentan is invited by his friend to play companion to his friend’s crippled sister for a two-week house party. Little did he know he’d fall in love at first sight. Can their relationship survive the truth? And will Harrison and Cassie ever make peace with their past?

I Thought: Well, I read it. All of it. Which is kind of strange because, given the overall plot, I’d have expected to throw it at the wall. But there was something charming about the main hero and heroine, even if the hero is named Brentan, and so I stuck with it.

To be fair, beyond the setup/betrayal, the let’s-not-talk-to-each-other, and the rather ridiculous blackmail subplot, there was some decent exploration of Elly’s motives and the process she went through to allow herself to love Brent. Not enough for me to recommend it, though. It was all a bit too contrived, even if there were some touching scenes. Heck, there was even foreshadowing of the Part Where Elly Finds Out Brent Was Hired to Pay Attention To Her.

The worst part was that it needed a good whack with an editing bat. During at least two important points of the story, the characters spend some time thinking very seriously about whether or not they’re going to take an action they already took some pages earlier. Particularly (SPOILER ALERT!) at the end, when Brentan gives Elly an ultimatum, and then agonizes over the fact that he’s about to issue her… the same ultimatum. Which he never actually does do again, by the way.

I can’t really recommend it, but it’s possible it’s not so bad if you have a higher tolerance for this type of plot than I do. And a higher earworm tolerance, because the title gave me a horrible one.