Never a Bride

by Amelia Grey

Amazon Kindle Edition

Rating: * 1/2


Quick Review: I didn’t much care for this book, sadly. The beginning didn’t grab me; both hero and heroine seem to think in cliches, and the plot is so contrived it’s almost painful. There’s a whole lot of exposition without action, and fact dumps to explain the premise of the novel.

Mirabella and Cam are immediately attracted to one another, presumably based on their scintillating conversation, which wasn’t very interesting to me.  And they’re already engaged, but the hero only agreed to it for money and he is bound and determined that he will never be so foolish as to fall in love again. Never! Because his first fiance was caught kissing another man in front of half the ton, right? And what is our heroine doing? Kissing men to track down a killer of sorts, to avenge her best friend, who was physically deformed but had a heart of gold — of course. In case you forget, the author will remind you about once every ten pages.

Naturally, Cam sees Mirabella kissing another man 15% into the book, and thereby we are introduced to the primary conflict, which could be resolved if they would just talk to each other. I might have bought Mirabella’s reluctance to open up if it had been written more convincingly, but no. Also, she thinks of Cam by his Christian name throughout much of the book, which grated, considering she wasn’t even willing to really talk to him.

The conflict was far too contrived for me (really: a villain with a hidden scar and a heroine who decides the best way to find him is to kiss all the boys? and a fiance whose very willingness to love was destroyed by a woman kissing another man?), and I didn’t really buy the characters, either. If this is the author’s first book, that might explain a lot, so I may check out some of her other work, but not soon. I hate writing such a bad review, because it wasn’t a complete wallbanger, but I found myself skimming the last 2/3 of the book just to get through it and say I was done.

In summary: Not my cup of tea.