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Hopefully I’ll manage to make this a consistent post series. As we head into the weekend, it’s just possible that someone out there is in desperate need of something new to read. I’ve discovered that using a Kindle reader (I have a real one, now, but used the iPod version for a long time before that) enables one to snag any number of free or very cheap books instantly.

Finding them, though, can be slightly tricky. For reasons that elude me (ha ha), Amazon doesn’t generally advertise the stuff that’s really really on sale, so you have to resort to weird searches and a lot of combing through pages. In the interest of helping you, the reader, to have More to Read (Even Though your TBR Pile is Maybe 240 Books High Already), I will post a few finds each week. They’ll tend to be in genres I read. Just so you know. Also, the prices can change from day to day, so if you’re interested — go now.

Five Free & Cheap Kindle Reads for Friday, July 15, 2011

  • A Proper Companion, Candice Hern, FREE. I enjoyed this book; you may find my review over here. If you want to fork over 99 cents, The Best Intentions is also available and is now on my keeper shelf forever.
  • The Hanover Square Affair, Ashley Gardner, 99 cents. This is the first book in a wonderful Regency mystery series, with two new volumes forthcoming later in the year. Featuring Captain Lacey, a retired soldier at loose ends back home in England, and well-drawn supporting characters. I haven’t had a chance to write full reviews yet, but they’re on the schedule, because these books are now favorites.
  • Lord of Scoundrels, Loretta Chase, 99 cents. I loved this book so much I think I have badgered a coworker into reading it. My review is here.
  • Still Life with Murder, P.B. Ryan, 99 cents. The first in another mystery series, which starts out delightful and ends somewhat less so, but is still worth a read.
  • Silken Threads, Patricia Ryan, FREE. I read and enjoyed this some months ago; it’s not so great that I remember much of it, but I think I gave it 2.5 stars.

I’ll be reading something that wasn’t cheap or free, but which, after waiting five years, I probably would have paid a lot more for — that’s right, A Dance with Dragons. I got it on release day (Tuesday) but have barely had any time to read so far and thus am only on page 200. I expect to do nothing else this weekend until I’ve finished it.

Happy reading!